Pre Black Friday Lego Deals Going on Now plus Amazon's Toy Lightning Deals for Today

I'm sure if you have kiddos in your life that they love Legos so here are some great deals going on now.

This Lego City Police Helicopter set is down to $51.31 at Amazon (reg $74.99)

My oldest has this Star Wars AT AP set on his list and Walmart has it on sale for only $39 (reg $59.99)...but this price is not available for shipping so you can order it online but have to pick it up in the store.  A great deal for a larger Star Wars set!

For the Chima lovers, Lego.com has both the Chima playmat and storage case on sale for less than $5 each.  Both are specifically designed for the Chima speedorz.

Amazon has the Lego Chima 3DS game for only $7.99

For the little ones, this lego train is educational and fun.  Definitely worth the $15.99 at Amazon  (compared to $25.99 at Toys R Us)

Finally, if kids on your list enjoy games, Amazon has lots of ThinkFun games on sale today in their Lightning Deals (which are usually at least 25% off and sometimes up to 60% off).  This includes the classic Rush Hour game (available at 9am PST) which my kids love and you can get expansion packs for it too to extend the enjoyment of this game.  You can click HERE to see all the games and what time the deal will start for each one.

Let me know if you find any great Lego Deals...my boys and nephews can't seem to get enough of them!  :)


Great Deal on Starbucks K Cups this week!

Do you have a Keurig or know someone who does?  This week Albertsons has the 10 count Starbucks K cups on sale for $5.99 with their coupon plus you can add this coupon ($2 off of 1 box) http://lp.starbucks.com/singleorigin  from Starbucks to get the 10 count boxes for only $3.99 each...making them only $0.40 per cup!  Even when you buy them in bulk it is hard to get them for under $0.60 a cup.  I think the Albertsons coupon might be a 2 box limit but that works out well because you can print out 2 of the Starbucks coupons too.  I got this deal today at my local Albertsons to give as part of a gift...those Keurig lovers are always needing K cups and at regular price ($8.99 - $9.99) they are expensive so snag this deal while you can! 

QFC also has the 10 count on sale for $5.99 this week, although you will need to buy 3 to get that deal and I don't know if you will be able to print out or use 3 of the Starbucks coupons.  Often there is a print out limit of 2 and many stores only allow 2 of the exact same coupon.

Just a note...when you click on the link for the Starbucks coupon you will notice that it is featuring their single origin coffee but the actual coupon says you can use it for any 10 or 16 count K cup box.


Black Friday Deals...Get Ready!

So, the big shopping weekend is almost here!  And while I don't usually brave the stores these days, fortunately there are tons of great deals offered online too.  If you haven't yet seen some of the ads you can click below to see all that have been released.


I like to be able to compare ads and really have a plan for which stores/sites are worth visiting.  It helps me to stick to my list and not get too crazy with buying things just because they are a good deal. 

In addition to all the sales, if you sign up for Ebates (if you sign up through this link, I will get an extra cashback bonus...and once you sign up, you too can get bonuses by having friends sign up through your link) and make sure to go through the Ebates site to visit your favorite stores online, you will get cashback on top of the great deals!  For example, Kohls is going to be giving $15 Kohls cash for every $50 spent.  Then through Ebates you will earn 6% cashback (right now it is a double cashback store...hopefully that will continue through next weekend...otherwise it will be 3% cashback).  So, if you buy a $100 (reg. price) worth of toys that are marked down 50%, after the Kohls cash you will really be getting all those toys for just $35 plus you will then get the extra cashback from Ebates...a super steal!

And if you shop online you know Amazon will be having some amazing deals.  Last year I got several items for 50% off.  Their lightning deals are a little stressful (you have to be quick!) but worth it if you are wanting to save as much money as possible.  And be sure to keep an eye on it even if you end up on the waiting list.  I was put on a waiting list last year but then within a few minutes I was able to purchase and I think I only had 5 minutes or so to place the order.

Through Ebates, you can also get cashback when shopping on Amazon.  However, it is only on certain departments which change periodically.  I just sign into Ebates, search for Amazon, and click on the Shop Now button...then if I buy something in a cashback department, great, if not, oh well.  But you can certainly look at the departments ahead of time to try to maximize your savings.

Happy Shopping!


Classic Christmas

While I love to send photo Christmas cards so everyone can see how our boys have grown, Minted also has a lot of non photo cards that are beautifully designed.  This one below is a favorite of mine and inspired me to create this Classic Christmas inspiration board.  The adorable reindeer forest and red herringbone prints are actually fabric that is sold on Minted and the Holiday Twin photo is an art print available on Minted.  The two other items are from Crate & Barrel.

If you are looking to get some Christmas cards, a great art print or photo gift for someone and have never purchased from Minted before, you can click HERE to get $25 off your first $50+ purchase.

The holidays are upon us!  Let us be thankful and spread good cheer!


$25 off your Holiday Photo Card (or other) purchase

So, I just finished ordering our Christmas Photo Cards at Minted and can't wait to get them later this week so I can see them up close!  After ordering, Minted gave me a link to share with friends (who have never registered/purchased from Minted before) to get $25 off their $50 purchase so I wanted to share it with you all in case you are looking for some quality photo cards at a great price!  Or you could order a lovely gift for someone like one of their personalized notebooks, art prints, or even get some fun wrapping paper for your gifts this year.  (I too will get $25 if you click through the link and end up placing an order.)

Here is the link:

Once you register, the credit will be applied to your account and should automatically be taken off your first order of $50+.  You may even be able to combine this credit with other offers so check to see what deals Minted is offering HERE and once you are checking out with your order, the promotions box will be at the bottom of your payment page.  So scroll down before entering your payment info and enter the coupon code, hit apply, and it should tell you if your code was successfully applied to your order.  Just want to make sure you all get the best deal possible!!!  My cards were going to be $72 + shipping but I ended up only paying $27 for 25 cards and envelopes!  An extra note:  a day or two after I personalized a few of their cards with my photos and saved them in my account they sent me an email giving me an extra $10 off if I completed my card order in the next few days.  I'm not sure if this is something they offer all the time or not but it's definitely worth saving a few ideas and waiting a few days to see, right?!

Here is the card that I chose featuring my 3 boys who so wonderfully cooperated for our little photo shoot last weekend.  :)

Here are a few of their other cards that I fell in love with...


And to get an even better deal, if you choose one of their Express Service Cards (the one I chose is one of them) you save an extra $10 if you agree that you do not need to see a proof, your photos are high quality (not in need of enhancing), and all things are spelled correctly...basically you are proofing the card yourself rather than paying $10 for someone else to do it.

Minted has a lot of extra options for their cards...shapes, colors, backing colors/photo options, envelope addressing, liner options, etc.  Some do cost extra so just be aware when you are creating so that you only choose options that are worth the cost to you. 

One of the things I love most about Minted is that their products are created by independent artists from around the world.  Anyone can submit designs to their company and the Minted community gets to vote for their favorites (and the editors of course also pick their favorites) to sell.  I have submitted a few of my own designs, although none have been picked.  It was a fun process and I will likely try to submit more in the future.  So, I know a lot of you who visit my blog are crafty people...if you do some graphic design you might want to think about submitting too!   Minted is also committed to the environment, planting 100,000 trees each year.

Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner?!  I'm so proud of myself for already getting my Christmas cards taken care of! :)  I will let you all know what I think once I get the actual cards in the mail.


Movie Deals

First, a note on movies/video games for all you parents out there...if you have never checked out commonsensemedia.org, I highly recommend it. (You do not have to sign up for it, nor am I recommending it for any personal gains. Just as a concerned parent, I find it nice to know exactly why a movie is rated PG before I let my kids see it and I thought many of you might too.) The site rates movies, video games, and books - evaluating them on educational value, positive messages and role models, violence/scariness, language, sex/romance, and consumerism.  They give a nice summary about what you can expect from each movie, the age they recommend it for, and there are also reviews by parents and kids for greater feedback.  Here is an example for the movie below:

This week in Target stores the original How to Train Your Dragon DVD is on sale for $9.99 (reg. 14.99) and the Target Cartwheel has an offer for 20% off making the DVD only $7.99!

Now, my DVD initially rang up at $12.99 so be sure to make sure it rings up at $9.99 (or get someone to fix the price) before having your cartwheel barcode scanned in.

For the book lovers in your family...
Amazon & Best Buy have the Harry Potter Collection for $39.99 (reg. $69.99)
(If you go through Ebates you can get an extra 1% cashback when you buy from Best Buy)

Amazon also has each of The Chronicles of Narnia movies for less than $10 a piece.  The classic Lion, Witch, & the Wardrobe is only $9.07, Prince Caspian is $9,68, while the 3rd movie (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) is only $4.99.
Although if your kids haven't read the books yet, I highly recommend getting the book sets for Harry Potter and Narnia before getting the movies.  :)

Finally, the best new movie of the year (according to many kids anyway) The Lego Movie!  Amazon has the Blu-Ray version on sale for only $17.73 (I haven't seen it lower than $19.99 at other stores but let me know if you've seen a better deal in the comments so others can know too).

Also, just so you know, I do not get any compensation from Amazon (they just do tend to have great deals). 

I would love to hear if you have any favorite holiday movies that you watch with your kids...I'm looking for a new good one this year (not the Polar Express though...we have seen that a few times now...a wonderful classic!).


Deals and Steals - Start your Holiday shopping now!

As Christmas is approaching, I have been browsing the internet for ideas for family and friends and seeing what deals are out there.  I thought I would share what I find with you all so you can hopefully score some great deals too and maybe even get new ideas for great gifts.

This weekend Gymboree has items marked up to as much as 80% off, their famous pjs including their newest holiday designs are only $15, and it all ships free!  I love the quality of Gymboree clothes and I can't pass up great deals like these...shorts under $5, tons of shirts (long and short) under $8...

These are some of my favorite pants from Gymboree because they are jersey lined so they are comfy and warm and wash super well.  They are only $10 (reg. $25)


This girl's shirt is only $4.19 (reg. $16).

And here are one of my favorite pjs for only $15. (reg. $22)

And if you go through Ebates you can get an extra 1% back. (I know that's not a lot but every little bit counts right?!  :)

Do you have a little one who enjoys playing in the bath?  My 2 year old just loves this Green Toys submarine and it is only $9.74 on Amazon right now (reg $15).  What is even better is that this is made in the USA out of 100% recycled milk jugs, is BPA & Phthalate free, and can go in the dishwasher for cleaning (which I love!).

While I don't do a ton of online shopping, when I do I always go through my Ebates account to earn a little extra cashback.  They have cashback offers on most of your favorite stores and it is free to sign up.  They also have double cash back days and today two stores that I like are on that list.  First up, The Body Shop.
After you sign up or sign in to Ebates search for The Body Shop and you will see that they are currently offering 8% cashback.  Click on the Shop Now button and it will direct you to The Body Shop where you can shop as you usually would.  Then after you have made your purchase  you can check your Cash Back Activity to see how much you will be getting back (sometimes it takes 24 hours for it to show up).  The great thing about Ebates is that the cashback is in addition to all the deals/offers that the store has.  And right now they have TONS of their products for 40% off and their hand creams for 50% off so they are only $10.
I also found this great teacher gift item for $20.  Now, I love our teachers but, with 3 kids and the holiday season, don't often want to spend this much.  However, I find that it is often nice to find a friend or two from class to go in together on a gift so you can get the teacher something a little nicer than what you yourself might be able to afford on your own.  Sometimes we get our whole class together for awesome end of the year gifts but everyone only really needed to contribute $2-$5.
Anyway...personally I love apple scented products and I think this tin is so cute but this is also a great gift because when you purchase it, The Body Shop donates to War Child, a charity that helps children in war-torn countries to get an education.

Another great deal through Ebates is at Land's End because Ebates will give you 6% back (reg. 3%) and Land's End currently has a 30% off your whole order.  Also, free shipping if your order is $50+.

Finally, if you are looking for a deal on photo gifts, holiday photo cards (or non-photo), art prints and more and if you have never registered/purchased from Minted, you can get $25 off your order of $50 by clicking through my referral link here: http://www.minted.com/referral/landing/78hgje
I will be doing a full post on this in the next few days but I thought I'd give you the link today in case you want to use it this weekend.

Have a wonderful Saturday!